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Mamir Gaming

Recordings of my regular gaming time.

Call of Duty: WW2 - Operation Cobra (Mission 2)

First time recording COD WW2!Mission 1 was pretty awesome and decided to record the 2nd one, may record future missions.
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Amir Savand • Jul 02 2019 1

First time playing For Honor multiplayer

I have very little experience in this game but it is amazing so here's a gameplay with Arsalan online 4v4 Domination mode.Playing this game with controller is fun, I try to play games with controller if possible (like GTA, Fortnite, Battlefield, etc).
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Amir Savand • Dec 29 2018 5

Practicing Fortnite with controller (Food Fight)

I've gotten better with my Xbox controller and been enjoying the aim assist which is the main reason I decided to use a controller, the other one is to sit back and relax 😜.Got into couple of matches of Food Fight mode with mostly which is amazing for a noob...
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Amir Savand • Dec 28 2018 1

Raiding titled with Arsalan in disco mode

Even better quality that the previous video 😜
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Amir Savand • Dec 25 2018

Try heavy sniper in Fortnite (Disco)

Enjoy ****ing 1080p 60fps noob gamplay 💋.
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Amir Savand • Dec 25 2018

Let's record some Fortnite (Disco mode)

This video is 35fps and the quality is not good but won't happen for the next videos, settings are updated to record 1080p 60fps and editor will be changed 🍺.
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Amir Savand • Dec 24 2018 2